Some kind words…

MERC is fundamental to the industry as an opportunity to train in a realistic environment and supports Safety in Mining. We choose to sponsor as we have supported mining safety for 100 plus years and it is core to our business to be evolved in these events to support our equipment that is utilised during the event.
SPONSOR - C. Ferris, Draeger Safety Pacific
I believe in the cause that MERC is all about and from a business perspective the positive exposure to potential customers and the return on the investment is usually great.
SPONSOR - L. Richardson, Zoll
Great opportunity to look at the new and different way things are done throughout the different sites.
VOLUNTEER - A. Stoward, Rio Tinto
MERC is just a fantastic event. I have it locked into my schedule and I’m really looking forward to bringing new ideas
to the table to ensure the competition is well and truly keeping up with industry expectations.
The training the ERT Members receive is pivotal and skills gained not only in the competition weekend, but the build
up to the competition is the foundation of a solid knowledge background.
R. Crawford, Fortescue Metals Group Limited
Working in emergency services has provided me with opportunities for development over the years and volunteering
at the MERC allows me to both give back knowledge and learn new things through the differences each team brings
to the challenges.
D. Windsor