Since inception MERC is proud to have championed a wide range of worthy charities with cumulative donations of more than $700,000.

This year we invited the competing teams to nominate a charity and we were proud to support six charities!

The total raised this year for our chosen charities was $81,890.72.

Congratulations to Margaret Porter – winner of the MERC raffle

#MERC is more than just a competition it is an opportunity for us to support charities who are making a difference in the lives of people daily. This year we will be supporting the Blue Tree Project who are on a mission to help break down the stigma that is still largely attached to #MentalHealth .

The Blue Tree Project are a not-for profit organisation that take a unique approach to encourage people to speak up when battling mental health concerns by painting and spreading the message that “it’s OK to not be OK”.


Dreams2Live4 makes dreams come true for patients who are living with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer which has spread), relapsed lymphoma, relapsed leukaemia and high grade brain tumours.

Dreams2Live4 empowers these patients to dream and find purpose again, bringing joy, hope and dignity into their lives.

It is the only charity of its type in Australia for adult (17+) cancer patients.

Dreams2Live4 has worked with more than 1200 Dreamers and their families and we now reach out to over 270 hospitals across Australia.

A dream is the chance to celebrate what you love.


In March 2017, Leon Ruri had an idea and within just 4 weeks that idea blossomed into the ANZAC Day Haka for Life.

Over 200 men and women gathered to honour the ANZACs and bring awareness to mens mind health issues by performing the Haka after the Dawn Service in Kings Park, Perth. It was such an extraordinarily powerful experience, the support we received was overwhelming and Haka for Life was born.

Haka For Life Inc provides a unique platform for men to communicate powerfully and raise awareness of mens mind health.


We will never let anyone face Lymphoma/CLL alone

Our Lymphoma Australia Nurses are professional, qualified nurses who care for patients across Australia. These Lymphoma specialist nurses deliver an essential service to patients and cancer nurses. Lymphoma Australia nurses can help you navigate the lymphoma journey and connect you with others and the appropriate support networks

With more than 80 different subtypes of Lymphoma, both diagnosis and treatment options can be confusing. Lymphoma Australia, in conjunction with our medical advisory board, helps patients and their families to understand their diagnosis and treatment options. We provide information packs to patients and hospitals and host education days and webinars to help people better understand Lymphoma


The RFDS is a national, charitable, health organisation delivering primary healthcare and 24-hour emergency services for those that live in rural and remote Australia.

Long known as one of the largest aeromedical organisations in the world, the RFDS delivers health care where mainstream health services are not available, using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology and a broad-reaching ground-service fleet.

Supported by a vast number of volunteers and supporters, the RFDS provides a lifeline for those that live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia, and has been doing so for over nine decades.


Our principle aim is to support all Emergency Services Personnel, to engage with each-other in creating a culture change to remove the social stigma that has long been associated within emergency services.

We strive to achieve a healthy future for all our first responders, by providing alternate pathways of external professional help and positive support to work through the difficult times.