MERC is important for building a network of mining rescue and emergency response volunteers to service regional communities.

Here we are with 20 teams participating – awesome! …we get to show the public/families what we do on site, catch up with long time rescue friends and come together as one community for a common goal – to learn!
Ben Armstrong
There is a large umbrella of knowledge within the MERC community that extends to all responders in remote communities… [MERC] is a great opportunity to stay in contact with fellow rescue operators, ERTs, and vendors.
Lance Young
Coaching & mentoring at MERC is paramount for the success of volunteer rescue and greatly appreciated by management…industry based professionals that want to make a difference!
Richard Crawford
I now feel I’m being part of something bigger than just a competition. I am now a part of a rescue family that supports and develops all rescue volunteers – both the long-serving and the new.
Ryan Clark
I met a lot of people at MERC – I built friendships and connections. Mining is a small world and even though I might not know a person, that person may have heard about me or others.
Sandra Wagner