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Event Managers have a pivotal leadership role and are the creative and technical minds behind the development of scenarios. This role requires the Volunteer to have:

  • Adjudicated in at least two previous MERC events
  • Current active involvement in the training and development of mines rescue programs
  • Advanced skills and qualifications for the nominated event
  • Commitment to adhere to deadlines as directed by the Committee
  • Strong leadership and teamwork qualities


Adjudicators score and provide constructive feedback to teams based on their response to a scenario. This role requires the Volunteer to have:

  • Emergency response team experience and/or active participation in the training, administration or development of Mine Rescue programs or procedures.
  • Current training and experience in Mines Rescue disciplines.
  • Qualifications and the appropriate skill set for their selected event
  • A teamwork ethic and strong oral and written communication skills


The role of a Casualty is an excellent training and development opportunity. Volunteers will see the varying rescue methods used by the teams and can provide valuable insight as to the skills displayed.

If you love a bit of drama this is the role for you!


  • Scenario Admin
  • Reset/Event Support
  • Facilities Management
  • Scenario Promotion/ Public Relations (be the voice to inform visitors to Langley Park about what’s going on in an event)

We welcome all offers of help however our volunteer spaces are limited and not all applications are guaranteed.

Please note:

  • As we are a not for profit, MERC is not able to compensate for travel or accommodation expenses
  • Volunteers must be available for the entirety of the event (i.e. all three days)
  • The applicant must be over 18 years of age and be physically fit to perform the parameters of their role
  • The MERC Committee manage the allocation of roles and will advise you of your position
We appreciate your interest and thank you for your offer of time and service.

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Any questions, please email volunteers@themerc.com.au or submit the form on the right.